Behind The Brand

Chinonet Means "Little" And Kita Means "Ours" - Our Little Ones

Thank you for visiting the page and for wanting to understand more about ChinonetKita ♡ This means a lot.

Pretty sure you aint got much time, so I promise to keep this short. If I can. I certainly don’t want to bore you with my sappy stories either, well at least I am going to try ヅ

I always enjoyed dressing up, playing with make-up and walking in heels (my mom and dad would surely vouch for this, Hi Mom, Hi Daddy!)  But things didn’t go as planned, as I ended up in the UK pursuing my Bachelor’s in Psychology which I absolutely loved. No regrets. After a decade in the corporate world, and with 2 young children in tow, I decided to finally take a step back and enjoy their company. Mad I know!!!

Nonetheless, the idea behind baby-wear begun when I had my firstborn. Being tinier than most babies, it was so difficult to buy him clothes. I remembered walking into a store found this cute set which I excitedly told the salesgirl how lucky I am to finally get something in Harris’ size only to be told that those were not for babies 😒 (while pointing to the stuffed bears 🐨) *cries and laughs at the same time*

I finally took this leap of faith when my daughter came and I thought, hey, let’s just do it! If no one buys, I won’t have to shop for Harris and Dian for a long time. I also wanted to make sure I could match Harris and Dian during special occasions especially during Eid Mubarak.

I put a dream on hold once thinking it was impossible, I mean who would ever buy my stuff? But its finally here, and I hope you love it as much as I do.  

Praise be to The Almighty and thank you for believing in my dream 💐