ELLERY (with Peterpan Collar)

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ELLERY was our earliest design with the sole purpose of ensuring even the tiniest of babies are able to match their elder siblings' colour coordinated outfits during festive occasions. 

ELLERY means joyful and its hassle free application makes it the perfect go-to outfit for special occasions, casual parties or simply to feel and look good daily! Its versatility knows no gender as this timeless romper was made for a prince and princess alike. 

Product Description

  • Snap button fastenings are applied for quick and easy diaper changes as well as an outfit change without frustrating the 'lil one

  • Elastic bands are used at the back thigh hem

  • Front hem is kept clean for a more sleek finish

Available Versions

  1. Peterpan Collar with Wrapped Front Buttons (suggested option for girls)

  2. Collarless Round Neckline with Wooden Front Buttons (suggested option for boys)


Size Guide (see full sizing guide for accurate measurements)





up to 7.5 kgs

68 cm


7.5 kgs -  10 kgs

80 cm

*Size numbering does not correspond to age. Do measure your child before making your purchase